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I've been using Silver Spring Automotive for a couple years for my old truck. In addition to regular maintenance, I've had them do major work as well.

I've always felt as if I was fairly treated. Work was done well and done promptly.

The experience that made me write this review was a small but significant one. Last Saturday, I realized I had a slow leak on the tire on our minivan (A newer vehicle that hadn't been here). I went to Goodyear (where I bought the tires) to have them take a look. They were busy and had me schedule an appointment for Monday. I overheard someone else at the counter with a similar issue and it sounded like it was going to cost about $40 to just have it looked and repaired. I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. Later that evening, I thought, 'I should call Silver Spring.' It was after hours, so I decided to call first thing Monday morning.

I called SS on Monday about 7:45am, told them I had a nail in my tire, and asked how much it would cost to fix. They said, 'if it's on the vehicle, $12." They said it would take about 5-10 min and that I didn't need an appointment. I said, I'll be right over. I drove over to their new place on Bender (nice upgrade) and I was in and out in about 10 minutes.

Quick, convenient, fair, inexpensive, and personal. It's not a fancy place, but if you want guys that do it right the first time at a fair price, these are your guys.
Brian M

I have taken both of my cars to Silver Spring Automotive over the years and have always been pleased with the service. The staff are friendly, fast, charge very reasonable prices, and they just do good work. I would recommend them to anyone.

I also believe they are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
Ellie B

I have been going to Silver Spring auto for over 12 years and have always gotten good service. The staff is always friendly and will explain what needs to be done and why. They always answer my questions. They are always honest with what needs to done and what can wait for a few months. Their prices are competitive with other repair facilities. I have them inspect vehicles before I purchase and they have saved me from buy a couple lemons. One had been in an accident and they were able to tell from the paint job inside the engine compartment, and another needed a lot of minor repairs which was not worth the price. The cars they said I should buy they told me what to offer the dealership for the vehicles. I have never needed more than routine maintenance on any of the vehicles they inspected for me. If I hear any sounds or vibrations I can take it there without an appointment and they will test drive and tell me what they think. This is the only place I trust with my vehicles.
Ed E

I have been taking my cars to Silver Spring automotive since the 1980's and they have been careful, concerned, and very professional in handling all of my repairs. I would recommend them to anyone. Ask for Rick.
James M

Thanks to the information and previous reviews on Yelp, I saved myself a lunch break out of the office by going to to Silver Spring Automotive instead of Good Year. I've never been to either of these but both were equally close to my work.

I called early AM, explained I had a slow leak in my front tire and asked when would be a good time to come in/if they had time available today. They did and asked that I call back between 1-2 to let them know when I planned on coming. I did just that, zipped on over and was out in no time. They had to take my tire off and seal the tire to the rim. I walked out paying $25.36 or $26.35. Either way, worth it.
Alisa S

I gave it a try due to the positive Yelp reviews. I was very pleased.
For starters, their phone is typically answered by a competent and professional gentleman named Rick. In my opinion, just having a quality person interfacing with the public puts this place ahead of most of their peers. He can explain the pricing, repairs, available alternatives, and schedule a time to get it done. He returns calls if you leave a message after hours. Well done sir!
I don't normally say nice things about mechanics I've used. But repairs here were well-done and I was impressed with their fair pricing. I had a tire repair, oil change, brake job, and some suspension work done. It was done on time, the price was surprisingly reasonable, and they actually did more work on the car than they had agreed to. This doesn't sound like me, but at this point I can cautiously say, I think I trust my new mechanic and am impressed with their customer service and prices.

** Follow-up note: On my next visit they got me in on an emergency repair (5 minutes notice) at a time when they were extremely busy. The guys worked late because they understood I was in a pinch (I had a buyer for my car showing up in 30 minutes). Still, they gave me a fair price. This is my new repair shop going forward!
Nick M

These guys were helpful and conscientious, and I like that the place seems organized and well run.
Claire C

I have had nothing but constant great experiences with this business. We all know how frustrating taking your car in can be for ANY problem. You can trust this place to actually give you an honest opinion and perform solid work at a reasonable price.
Matthew M

Took in my vehicle Because of complete brake failure. They were really thorough in finding various brake related problems. None of which were a surprise to me. And the amount they charge was right in line of what I was expecting to pay. They even threw in something no charge. Thank you! Will definitely go back for all my servicing needs.
Paul K