Milwaukee Oil Change Service

Offering a complete oil change experience for every customer.

Oil changes are a part of your car’s regular maintenance, so getting one should be fast and convenient. At Silver Spring Auto, our mechanics perform numerous each year—so we know how to get the job done quickly and correctly every time.

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Ultra Oil Change & Filter

When you get an oil change at Silver Spring Auto, you can expect a complete inspection and thorough job. Our technicians complete a 22-point inspection of your vehicle for each oil change to keep your engine running newer and longer.

Oil Change Service Questions

Motor oil helps keep your engine components clean and lubricated, which is vital for keeping everything in good operating condition. It prevents harmful substances, like dirt, from collecting and plugging up your engine. (Dirt build-up can lead to premature engine wear.) Moreover, it also absorbs much of the engine's natural heat and keeps the entire thing from overheating.

The rule of thumb is that your oil should change about every 3,000 miles, but you may not need to change it this often. Generally speaking, it's best to change your oil and filter at or before the interval recommended by your vehicle maker. If you drive in favorable conditions, you may be able to go longer without an oil change, but if you drive in extreme, dusty situations, you may want to consider getting your oil changed more often. Talk to one of us about your driving style, conditions, and climate to better understand how often your car needs an oil change service.

Oil helps protect your engine in four critical ways:

  1. Oil cleans the engine: Motor oils keep dirt, debris, and deposits from collecting on your engine components and prevent blockages. The oil "locks up" the dirt and renders it harmless until removed at your next oil change service.
  2. Oil reduces friction and minimizes wear: Motor oils form a protective film over your engine components and have special additives that prevent contact and reduce drag between the engine's many moving parts. Clean motor oil helps your engine operate quietly and efficiently.
  3. Oil removes heat: Motor oils move heat away from critical areas, like from around the piston rings, and redistribute it around the engine.
  4. Oil prevents corrosion and rust: Motor oils help shield your hard-working engine components from corrosion beyond the regular oil change interval.

Yes, it matters. Oil is essential to keeping your car running safely and smoothly, and at Silver Spring Auto, we take oil changes seriously. Not changing your oil regularly can significantly reduce your engine's performance and lead to decreased fuel efficiency. Engine oil acts as a reservoir for all kinds of by-products that form when fuel burns, including soot, sludge, water, and acidic material, as well as unburned and partially burned fuel. At the same time, oil becomes less effective over time. Changing the oil regularly helps keep your engine in excellent condition.