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Some of the newest heating and cooling systems, involving separate driver and passenger side thermostats, extra vents for the rear passengers and heated seats, are designed to keep literally every passenger individually comfortable for the duration of their ride. If your heating and cooling systems aren’t working the way that you’d like them to, what are some things that you can look for?

If you are having problems with your car’s heat, Silver Spring Automotive will first check the hoses.  The next step would be to check the heater core (a small device that creates heat by diverting heated radiator fluid through the heater core which disperses the heat in front of a fan, it then blows through the duct work into the car’s cabin) to see if it needs to be replaced. One simple check you can make on your own is to see if you feel air being pushed through the system. If it isn’t, then you may need a new fan installed. Our mechanics can take care of that for you here in Glendale.

Your air conditioning (A/C) system requires maintenance as well.  If your car isn’t getting cool bring it to Glendale and we’ll check to make sure you have enough rfeon in your car.  Another area to check is your thermostat.  Over time, it can become stuck in place or completely fail.  Silver Spring Automotive will easily be able to advise you of what the exact problem is.

If your exhaust system needs to be replaced, it may not perform as well as it should to cool your car. A clogged exhaust can cause a serious amount of overheating. This may be a more critical problem and will require a trip to see us at Silver Spring Automotive.  Clogged vents are another simple fix. We’ll check the vents and vacuum them out. That may make a large difference in the amount of air that is being delivered to passengers.

Keeping you comfortable with a working heating and cooling system is one of the most pleasurable parts of traveling in a car. Taking the time to make sure your car’s heat and air conditioning are working optimally can guarantee the best performance and comfort over the long term.