Engine Repair Services Milwaukee

Engine Repair Services

automobile engine compartment

The trained mechanics at Silver Spring Automotive are here to help when your check engine light comes on.  We have the tools to diagnose to your vehicle and correct the problem.

A check engine light might indicate anything from a loosened gasoline cap to something much more serious like a blown head gasket. Having issues checked as soon as possible may stop additional failings of engine components.

Most new vehicles are furnished with advanced digital engine monitoring systems which can find and even prevent problems. The computer system in your engine gets details from a collection of sensors and switches which informs your ignition, fuel systems and emission control systems what to do. When any of those systems fail or misfire, it triggers the computer system to turn on your check engine light.

Call Silver Spring Automotive at (414) 351-5080 at the first sign of any sort of engine complications such as:

  • Noises and knocks
  • Low fuel economy
  • Dash panel caution lights

The experts at Silver Spring Automotive automobile repair shop can diagnose issues in your engine by tapping into your car's computer system:

  • Ignition System
  • Electrical Systems
  • Emissions
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Loose or worn out hoses
  • Sensors and Spark Plugs

Almost any engine repair can be done right here in Glendale, so stop in at the very first sign of trouble.