About Silver Spring Automotive

“Our goal is to provide the best auto repair service, in a timely fashion, for a reasonable price,” explains Silver Spring Automotive owner, Ron Faucette. “We can do tune-ups, exhaust replace and repair, suspension repair, brake work, tires, batteries, and much more.”

In addition to offering all types of auto repair, Ron understands the importance of creating and maintaining customer relationships. “We try to build a personal relationship with our customers,” he says. “They are not just a number to us.”

silver spring automotive building front

Faucette’s dedication to excellent customer service began in August of 1982 when he quit his job in order to open Silver Spring Automotive. Amidst starting a new business, Ron and his wife Dani were also expecting a new baby.

Nearly 35 years later, they have successfully grown their family and their company.

Ron and Dani’s two sons, Rick and Ronny, both share in their father’s passion for the automotive industry. Their son Ronny recently started his own business in an automotive-related field, and their other son Rick works at Silver Spring Automotive, where he will become the new owner over the next five years.

Ron and his son, Rick, work alongside four other technicians at Silver Spring Automotive to ensure a satisfactory customer experience from start to finish. “We care about our customers,” Ron says. “We help them make decisions on whether it is worth repairing their car or if they would be better off getting rid of it.”

When a customer makes the initial decision to repair their car, Silver Spring Automotive provides them with brand-name parts and expert technicians to help diagnose and repair their vehicle. Silver Spring Automotive strives to accommodate its customers throughout the entire repair process. “We also help with customer pick up and drop off when needed,” Ron adds.

The commitment to outstanding customer service at Silver Spring Automotive often helps generate new business. Ron now has a very large customer base, and in some cases, he does work for 2nd and 3rd generations of families. “Our customers recommend us to their friends and family because they know we do good work for a fair price,” Ron explains. “For the most part, I think we make them feel comfortable having their vehicles worked on here.”

Ron has spent a lot of time serving others and helping them feel comfortable, not only through Silver Spring Automotive. He was an Auxiliary Police Officer for the City of Glendale for 26 years until he left the department in the Spring of 2014. Now, Silver Spring Automotive does repairs for a few North Shore police departments and other various departments of public works.

Ron has spent many years in and around the automotive industry, and his experience has taught him many lessons. “My message to the auto repair buying community would be to find a shop you like and stick with it,” he says.

Not only does a personal relationship with your auto repair shop create a friendly atmosphere, it is also beneficial to you as a customer. “Once you get comfortable with a shop and its people, you can build a relationship with them,” Ron says. “That way, they can keep records of all the work done by them and reference that information when needed.”

Silver Spring Automotive was built on the foundation of strong family values, and they are still devoted to creating the same comfortable, loyal relationships with their customers.